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Wax Flake RL-V8

It is high concentration solid smooth agent. Its unique molecular structure imparts the fabric a good adsorption, makes emulsion molecules combined well with fabric moleculars together. Finished fabric have soft, smooth and good glossy property. It is suitable for after finishing bobbin yarn, hank yarn, cotton, denim, leather, PV leather, wigs and other finishing. 

Appearance: white flake 
PH value: 3.0-4.0(10% solution) 
Ionicity: weak cationic
Viscocity: 700cp(10% solution)

1. The finished fabrics have color bright, high flexibility, high tear resistance, high wrinkle resistance, and less foam. 
2.The finished fabrics have good washability and dry-cleaning resistant, good permeability and hydrophilicity. 
3. It gives fabric excellent smoothness, pendent rolling resistance; fabric drape better, to avoid the needle hole.
4. It is Suitable for immerse, have strong absorption,no oil spots and demulsification appear in the cylinder .
5. It has a good match function and will have different hand feeling matching with other amino-based silicone.

Dissolution Method 
1.Dissolve in cold water: Firstly take wax V8 into cold water with stirring slightly and  soaking for 30 minutes, and then heat the water temperature to 60-70 ℃, stirring speed maintaining 20 rev / min, stirring for 30 minutes until completely dissolved to filter out material. 
2.Dissolve in hot water: Firstly heat the water to 60-70 ℃, start stirring, keep maintaining 20 rev / min, and then take wax V8 into hot water, slowly stirring 30-40 minutes until completely dissolved to filter out the material.

Application Method
1. Padding Method: Wax V8, 10-15G/ L, penetrate 0-2G / L, room temperature
2. Immersion method: Wax V8, 2-3% (o.w.f), bath ratio 1:15, temperature 40 ℃, time 15-30min. 

25kg/woven bag

Keep in the dry and cool place for 6 months

1.Pls do experiment firstly according to the equipment and fabric type.
2.Pls do compatible experiment when used with other auxiliaries agent.

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