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Softener Flake RL-A3

1.Component: Fatty acid amide
2.Appearance: White flake
3.Water soluble appearance: Milky white paste (10% solution)
4.PH value: 6.0-7.0 (10% Solution)
5. Viscosity: 200cp (10% Solution)
6. Ionicity: non-ionic 

1. As a softener used in resin processing, having a good catalysts and dissolved with metal salts, it is extremely stable, meanwhile it imparts fabric smooth and soft feel to prevent the processing of material tensile strength, with excellent wrinkle resistance properties. 
2. Used as a fluffy agent, It can shorten the frequency and time of fluff, It can increase the tear strength of baric, make fabric feel soft, fluffy and ease of sewing. 
3. Used as a synthetic softener, It gives woolly-nylon the same effect of cationic softener, for polypropylene have similar cationic softener nitrile touch. 
4. It will not discolor, smell for long-term store or heat

Dissolution Method
1. cold water solution: Firstly take the product by 6%-10% ratio into the 10℃-30℃ cold water, and proper mixing to avoid bonding, time about 5-10 minutes, until the solution become sticky, flake become white and soft, and dispersed in the solution to stop stirring, then you can use them as general liquid softener
2. warm water solution: Firstly take the product by 6%-10% ratio into cold water to soak for 5-10 minutes, began to stir gradually unit heated to 40℃-60℃, and the flake can completely dissolved, it can be used when forming white paste.
Suggestion: It is the best to use up when dissolved, if not used up, it should be sealed for storage.

Application Method
General condition of 30℃-45℃ padding or soaking 15-30 minutes, drying of 80℃-100℃ . padding or soaking advice recipe of density is 1g-5g/L, washing treatment 100kg fabric using 100g-500g
Note: the specific amount and craft decided by the actual production equipment & condition.

Package & Storage
25kg/ woven bag
Waterproof, anti-extrusion, pilling up not more than 8 layers, the temperature not more than 35℃, keep in the cool and dry place for 12 months.

Pls do experiment firstly according to the equipment and fabric type.
Pls do compatible experiment when used with other auxiliaries agent.

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