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Smoothing Agent EM-305

It is big molecular silicone material by emulsion polymerization with cationic surfactant.

Appearance: milky white liquid
PH Value: 5.0-7.0(10% solution)
Ionicity: cationic
Content: 35%
Stability: 3000n/min, no delamination within 15mins

Scope of Application
1. Suitable for finishing on cotton, linen, silk,wool, systhenic fiber and fabric. 
2. Suitable for processing in all kinds of thread making industry. 
3. Used on processing wig and similar products.
4. Used as isolation agent on leather products surface.
5. Used as release agent on rubble and plastic etc.
6. Used in lubrication and maintenance on floor, furniture, sofa etc.

1. Excellent soft, fabrics processed by the product had good soft effect.
2. Good smoothness on the surface.
3. Form film performance in some degree
4. Good water dispersibility; when using, can add water to disperse by arbitrary proportion, convenient, free from contamination
5. It has good match and reactiveness.

Dissolution Method
Can be diluted with water in any proportion, diluting temperature is room temperature 25 ℃

Package and Storage
200KG / plastic drum
Storage: Can be stored under cool and well ventilated condition, sealed storage for 6 months. If finished products become slight yellow and form film, which will not affect usage, stirring evenly before use.

1. When used with other materials, pay attention to the compatibility; when used with anionic material, should prevent the demulsification.
2. It is irritating , if in case contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water quickly.

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