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Charactor Of Emeer Softener Pearl

1. Lower viscosity, and better permeability.
2. Faster dissolving speeds, in room temperature water of 25℃, only needs 30 minutes; for 40~50℃ warm water, only needs 20 minutes. 
3. Lower dissolving temperature, only needs above 15℃.
4. It is not easy to have color change, and not easy to have yellowing on fabric, and has excellent effect on hard water resistance and alkali resistance.
5. Solving the caking problem for traditional softener flake and common softener pearl, no need to use hammer to break it anymore.
6. The cloth&fabric have less yellowing phenomenon, better effect particularly on the white cloths and yarn after using the product,.
7. Softener pearl itself has better inhibiting foam performance,  faster defoaming speeds.
8. Emeer softener pearls is the substitute for all the softener flakes and normal softener pearls, and it is the upgraded product for all the quaternary ammonium salt cationic softener.
9. The biggest characteristics of the product are convenience using, energy saving, labor saving, no need to dissolve in advance, and can be used directly in the auxiliary cylinder.

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