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Emeer Softener Pearls, A Big Hit To The Market!

       The nature of softener flakes and softener pearls are same, both can be used in the  equipment of washing machine, overflow dyeing machine, dye vat, fabric setting machine and so on. Both products possess the same functionalities, and can impart the fabric fluffy, smooth, and soft hand feeling. They are the requisite chemicals in the production process, has the indispensable and important functions of increasing textile's hand feeling and added value.

        However, their productive technology is different. Softener flakes is produced by slicing machine, the finished product is a kind of very thin flake. Due to the shorter cooling time, there will exist some certain temperature. And this could easily cause the yellowing phenomenon on appearance. In addition, larger contacting area, the compression between flakes, which will cause the caking problem. The softener flakes will be divided into two types in the present market, one is the low-end product, it's made with Hydrogenated oil, and there exist serious caking problem. And the other one is the high-end product, it's made with Stearic acid. Its cost increases , also has less caking problem. Although the caking problem will not affect the product quality and performance, it will increase workload and prolong dissovling time. 

        The softener pearl in the market is made by rotary steel-band chilling granulation, and it presents the semicircular larger particles appearance, for which , there exist larger contacting area that is prone to the caking problem. And it only dissolves in hot water. At the same time, its low yield and high price make the customer love and hate. 

        Emeer Company introduces advanced production equipments, keeps research and continuous improvement, the granular softener pearl , which never cakes, finally comes out. Our softener pearls are made by the unique production equipments and techniques, it’s different from the common softener pearl. Our product presents the ball shaped fine granules, more aesthetic, and more easily for dissolving into cold water. The ball shaped softener pearl has smaller contacting area, which is more beneficial for the air permeability and heat dissipation. And it has the longer cooling time, so it won't have the caking problem even in a long term stacking situation. All of these decide that, Emeer softener pearl will not have the caking problem, and successful solved caking phenomenon between traditional softener flakes and common softener pearls, no need to use the hammer to break the product.

        We are one of few manufacturers producing this kind of softener pearls in the nation or even the world. In addition, our softener pearls’ formula is different from that of other products in the market. They can’t produce the same excellent product on their equipments even if using our formula. The birth of the Emeer softener pearl is not only about appearance-changing, but also improves the product performance. It possesses lower viscosity and better permeability. Meanwhile, it has better inhibiting foam performance, lower foaming height, and faster defoaming speed. 

        Our product itself, its appearance is not easy to have any color change, and not easy to have yellowing on fabric, at the mean time it has the excellent effect on hard water resistance and alkali-resistance. What is more, the cloth and materials will not have yellowing effect, especially has excellent performance on blanch white color after using Emeer softener pearls in finishing process, and it is highly cost-effective. If the speed of stirring machine reaches 20 turns per minute, and then put Emeer softener pearls into the water. With 25 degrees temperature, only needs around 20~30 minutes for completely dissolved. If the water temperature is 40-50 degree, 15-20 minutes dissolving time is enough. Lower dissolving temperature, and faster dissolving speed. The product will not sticky together, and evenly disperse in the water. Emeer softener pearl is the substitute for all the softener flakes and normal softener pearls, and it is the upgraded product for all the quaternary ammonium salt cationic softener. The biggest characteristics of the product are convenience using, energy saving, labor saving, no need to dissolve in advance, and can be used directly in the auxiliary cylinder.
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