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Emeer created innovative RL series new products

  Emeer company is an innovative enterprise in domestic textile softener industry, when the busy season of every year comes, it will develop the revolutionary new products, leading Emeer brand products to the higher level and bringing a very big sensation to domestic textile softener industry, which make the competitors very surprise.

   Our products cover all kinds of textile products, including cotton,hemp,blend and knitted fabric, denim, washing cloth,wool,sweater,towel,silk,polyester,acrylic,wigs, bobbin yarn, yarn, blend, genuine leather, PU leather, T/C, yarn all textile products related closely to our daily life. Single-minded in textile softener industry makes us more professional,and our professional makes us more focus on it, and just the focus can make us produce professional ,corresponding products.In the process of developing products ,we always take safety level and consumers protection as the priority,and avoid to use any controversial ingredients in choosing raw material to protect environment, consumers and textile worker. According to the specific application of different fabric, specific formula can be designed to meet specific performance requirement.
  Our company holds "soft as base, win by fast" as our goal on products, determined to take the technology as corn, regarding the quality as life, servicing customers as god. Constant pioneering, innovative,bold breakthrough ,working hard for offering cost-effective products with good quality and low price to our new and old customers. 

  Emeer chemical and technology dept has first-class technology development personnel and advanced laboratory equipment. Emeer is committed to developing new products in the way of combining theory and practice with the spirit of pursuit and continual improving.They pay attention to each chemical reaction process, results and make analysis. Emeer chemical technology dept overcomed series of difficult challenge and filled in several blanks in textile finishing agent industry, leading the "Emeer" to the world, which has been recognized by many countries and all customers!

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