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Softener Pearl RL-K1

   It applies to all kinds of cotton, linen, blended fabrics and knitted on the soft, giving the fabric a good softness and elasticity.

1. Appearance: white pearl 
2. Soluble temperature: 25℃
3. PH Value: 4.0-5.0 (10% solution) 
4. Viscosity: 2800cp (10% solution)
5. Ionicity: weak cationic

1. It can impart the fabric soft, fluffy and smooth hand feeling.
2. Lower viscosity, and better permeability, faster dissolving speed. It is not easy to have color change, and not easy to have yellowing on fabric, and has excellent effect on hard water resistance and alkali resistance. Solving the caking problem of traditional softener flake and common softener pearl, no need to use hammer to break it anymore.
3. The cloth&fabric have less yellowing phenomenon, better effect particularly on the white cloths and yarn after using the product.
4. Emeer softener pearls is the substitute for all the softener flakes and normal softener pearls, and it is the upgraded product for all the quaternary ammonium salt cationic softener.
5. The biggest characteristics of the product are convenience using, energy saving, labor saving, no need to dissolve in advance, and can be used directly in the auxiliary cylinder.

Dissolution Method 
1.Dissolved in cold water: firstly take the product by 5%-10% ratio into the 25-35℃ cold water, and properly stir for about 3-5 minutes to avoid sticking, and continue to slowly stir until it is totally dissolved(the effect of stirring is better after soaking overnight).
2.Dissolved in hot water: firstly take the product by 5%-10% ratio into cold water at room temperature and then stir for 5-10 minutes, and gradually heat to 50℃-60℃, and the pearl can completely dissolve, it can be used when it forms white thick material. 

The dosage of softener pearl RL-EW mainly depends on the type of fabric and the need for hand feeling, 0.2-0.4%(o.w.f) is recommended. 

Package & Storage
25kg / kraft bag 

waterproof, anti-extrusion, pilling up not more than 8 layers, the temperature not more than 35℃, keep in the cool and dry place for 12 months 

Pls conduct a sample test before use.
1.Pls make technological test and choose the best process based on different equipment and fabrics in order to achieve the best application effect. 
2.Pls make compatible test before using together with other softener agent or printing and dyeing finishing agent in order to achieve the ideal goal.

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