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Softener Pearl RL‐H9

It Is Weak Cationic Flake With Wrinkle Resistance, It Is Excellent Soft And Fluffy When Used For Cotton, Blending, T/C And Yarn. Mainly Used As Soft And Fluffy Fiber Agent, Fluffy Agent, Wrinkle Resistance Agent.

1.Component: Fatty Acid Amid Derivatives
2.Appearance: Sight Yellow Pearl
3.PH Value: 3.5‐ 4.5 (10% Solution)
4.Ionicity: Weak Cationic
5.Viscosity: 3700cp

Application Feature
1.It Imparts Fabric Of Soft And Smooth And Fluffy Hand Feeling, And Preventing The Processing Of Material Tensile Strength, With Excellent Wrinkle Resistance Properties.
2.Used As a Fluffy Agent, It Can Shorten The Frequency And The Time Of Fluff, It Can Increase The Tear Strength Of Fabric, Make Fabric Feel Soft, Fluffy And Ease Of Sewing.

Dissolution Method
1.Cold Water Dissolution: Firstly Take The Product By 5%‐10% Ratio Into The 25℃ Water Under Slowly Stirring, Keep Stirring For 3‐5 Minutes To Disperse, Soak For 1‐2hours, Then Stir Slowly To Uniform Slurry For Using.
2.Warm Water Dissolution: Firstly Take The Product By 5%‐10% Ratio Into Room Temperature Water Under Stirring, Keep Stirring For 3‐5 Minutes, Gradually Heat To 40℃‐50℃, And Continue Stirring For 10‐15minutes Till Uniform Slurry For Using.

Usage Process:
1.Padding Method: 1‐5G/L, Temperature 40‐50 Degree, Two Dipping Two Rolling Or One Dipping One Rolling
2.Impregnation Method: 0.3‐0.8% (O.W.F), Bath Ration 1:10‐15, Temperature 40‐50degree, Time15‐30mins

Package & Storage: 25kg/Bag (Blank Bag)
Put In The Cool Place Storage For 12 Months

1.Please Make Technological Test And Choose The Best Process Based On Different Equipment And Fabrics In Order To Achieve The Best Application Effect.
2.Please Make Compatible Test Before Using Together With Other Softener Agent Or Printing And Dyeing Finishing Agent In Order To Achieve The Ideal Goal.

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