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Softener Pearl RL-EF

It is weak cationic pearl with wrinkle resistance. It is excellent soft and fluffy when used for cotton, blending, cotton Yarn. It has cationic hand feeling and excellent heat resistance property. Mainly used on the fabric as soft fluffy agent, fuzzing agent, and soft wrinkle resistance.

♦ Property
1.Structure: Cationic Softener pearl
2.Appearance: Yellow pearl
3.Water soluble appearance: Milky white liquid (10% solution)
4.PH value: 3.5 ~ 4.5 (10% solution)
5.Viscosity: 2500cp (10% solution)

♦ Application Feature
1.Especially apply for softening of all kinds of cotton, linen, blending and knitted fabric and imparts fabric good softness
2.Apply for softening of all kinds of denim, washing cloth, woolen sweater, towels etc. which can impart fabric with soft and fluffy effect.
3.It will not discolor, smell because of long-term store or heat

♦ Dissolution Method
Dissolved in cold water: Firstly take the product by 6%-10% ratio into the 25℃water, then increase the temperature to 40~50 ℃and properly stir 20 minutes, until the solution become evenly slurry, then you can use them as general liquid softener

♦Suggestion: It is the best to use up when dissolved, if not used up, it should be sealed for storage

♦Usage Amount
For general condition, 30℃~40℃ padding or soaking in 15~30 minutes, then drying in the temperature of 80℃~100℃. Padding or soaking is advised to making density 2g-8g/L, washing treatment 100kg fabric using 200g~ 800g. Note: the specific dosage and craft confirmed by the actual production equipment & condition.

♦Package & Storage: 25kg/Bag (Blank Bag)
Waterproof, anti-extrusion, stacking height should not be more than 8 layers, the temperature not more than 35℃, put in the cool place storage for 12 months

Please make small sample experiment before use:
1.Please make technological test and choose the best process based on different equipment and fabrics in order to achieve the best application effect.
2.Please make compatible test before using together with other softener agent or printing and dyeing finishing agent in order to achieve the ideal goal.

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