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Technical analysis on categories and property characteristics of softener agent

Softener agent can be divided into fatty acid derivatives and organic Silicone Emulsion types. The former is a widely used softener agent and the latter is new varieties. The development speed on organic silicon softener is very quick and continually varieties of new products with different function and performance is developing the market.

 The organic silicon softener has been dominant position in soft finishing for textile because the organic silicon softener is not only softer than traditional softener effect ,but also is more durable in finishing effect. But just because of its durable effect, once appear the dyeing defects that only repairing and redyeing can solve disease, or the dyeing defects which are caused by improper finishing operation, or soft finishing cause color change, all of these will make repairing process very difficult.  

Fatty acid derivatives softening agent and organic silicone softener, in the ion property, most of them is weak cationic, cationic and nonionic. So on the premise of allowing compatibility, applications also often make one bath process with fixing agent. Their work bath DH value, basically stability is the best at the time when it is weak acid and its processing bath temperature is 30~45 cc for good. Also no longer for washing after soft handle and after curing ,the fastness of reaction film is better.If careless operation for operation textile machine, it is easy for organic silicon softener agent to have floating oil and demulsification problems.Some dyeing material that need to be processed in dyeing machine for soft handling, such as garment, yarn, fiber, after a long time,it is very easy that organic silicone material occur accumulative contamination in the equipment. So it is more difficult to remove and repair than Fatty acid type softener.

In essence, organic silicone is insoluble in water, so only after being emulsified ,can be used for dyeing factory production. Some so-called water-soluble Silicone Emulsion varieties, essentially they have the function of the emulsion in water, if user can not grasp the nature and characteristic of the organic Silicone Emulsion,and violate seriously relative processing conditions, demulsification problems also occur.
To analyze physical and chemical characteristics of organic silicon softener, mainly the following points are included
a. DH value range for work bath best stability:5-6.
b. The most suitable temperature for working bath:30~45℃
c.Ionicity: mostly for cationic, then for non-ionic, little for anion( cationic soft effect is generally dominant compared to other types softener.)

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